I go to bed with my mind racing (unless I drink alcohol, which I’m in the habit of doing) which helps me get to sleep, but leaves me with poorer quality of sleep.

Reading before bed is the best for sleep.

Every morning I wake up with my mind racing. Mostly bullshit. Existential stuff. Random thoughts on stuff. This morning it was thermal energy as a function of metabolism, and the various ways exercise, geography, fiber, sauna’s, clothing, lifestyle impact thermal radiation/expenditures, and how this impacts metabolism, circulation, fat deposition, etc etc

I think it’s stress.

But it may just be my default mode.

Work is always on my mind. Like a never ending puzzle, within a puzzle, within a puzzle, like a Matryoshka or nesting doll. Every day is a puzzle within a larger puzzle etc.

So many puzzles. So little time.

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