The Most Important Question

At the end of the day, I think the most important question anyone can ask themselves, no matter who they are is:

What can we I do about it right now?


What behaviors are within my power to influence a desirable outcome?

The conclusion is: you can only control or change yourself. That’s it. Everything else is beyond your control.

When you realize that your momentary decisions are literally only aspect of your reality within your power, you figure out ways to take more responsibility over these decisions.

Decisions are the only thing within our power.

Decide to think this. Decide to act. Decide to act over and over again.

We can’t control anything else.

Once we realize we can control our decisions, we realize the power of personal responsibility for changing outcomes.

When the man is right, his world will be right.

Most people want to change the world, but few think of changing themselves.

Thing is, once we begin taking responsibility to change ourselves, the world begins to change.

Apart of this acknowledgement is knowing what you can change and what you can’t change about yourself.

That is precisely what learning coping skills and personal development is about.

Always assume you can improve.

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