For Spiritual and Existential Sustenance

16oz meat and 8oz vegetables a day.

A study. With a library. A personal library. A library that represents the tree of knowledge that inhabits my core, organized according to the branches extending into various fields and domains of observation. Not a cold index. A library that’s living, where every book and author can be traced to another book and author, back to the beginning of time. A library with no bounds.

Quiet space. For solitude and reflection. Devoid of distraction. A desk with a chair. A leather couch. Windows with a view of the sky, and trees, green vegetation, blooming buds.

A great room. For friends to congregate. Couches to lounge in. To talk. A space to walk as you talk.

A large open kitchen. To eat and drink and socialize together. To exchange ideas. To laugh over food and drink and the absurdities of life.

A yard outside to convene. With a garden. And land. Land to walk, to meander about. Land filled with nature, with wildlife. With paths to tread. For personal reflection. Or walks with friends.

A bed. A simple bed. But comfortable.

A massive fireplace. To provide living light, to illuminate the study. A fireplace in every room.

Plenty of art. Not just art. Figures and sculptures and portraits that embody values and ideals, that symbolize the highest virtues of humanity, that speak to history, that act as a reminder of our temporality, of the dangers of hubris, of death, of life. Symbolism that celebrates the depth and breadth of the best and worst of humanity.

Plenty of windows.

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