Body Park

G went to Hays Valley park to sit on a bench next to some bushes.

While she was sitting there some police officers walked up to the bush and were talking amongst themselves, just a few feet away.

She continued watching them and occasionally they’d lean into the bush to inspect something inside.

G then saw what they were inspecting, and they took notice of her watching them.

Then they politely said to her, “it’s up to you if you want to stay here but this is a dead person”

That’s when G saw the lifeless body on the ground beneath the bushes, the legs and arms contorted in an unnatural way.

This shocked G, and sent a cold chill through her body.

She instantly got up up and thanked them and walked to another bench, and watched as they unfurled a yellow tarp to wrap around the body while they waited.

As G sat on the bench across the park, she reflected on the experience, still watching the bush and officers from a couple dozen feet away. She thought it was odd that she still remained in the park, and that life continued for everyone passing by, despite the dead body, and the end of life it represented.

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