Contactless Retail and Simulation

The things AmazonGo is doing is unreal. Everything will be tracked. Minute RFID tags in everything. There are other ways they’ll confirm, like machine vision and weight.

But the idea of a store there you are tracked, your every movement, from the moment you enter the store, seems like just the beginning of some Orwellian government control nightmare.

They know everything about you upon entering
One day we won’t need to physically interact with other humans. Everything will be through media, through a medium, a simulacra.

And we will slowly become more and more submersed into the simulation. Unable to differentiate the map from the territory
Propaganda is just what the opposing ideology calls your news

This COVID virus situation is just pushing society further into this cybernetic world of control.

When the media or medium is centralized…. when the message is controlled…. that’s a bad day for autonomy.

If we ever had it.

Controlled on the sense that, Reality becomes a simulation, because all the perceptible objects were engage with are simulacra, or copies that depict things that either had no original, or that no longer have an original. Just abstractions of abstractions.

What is digital currency?

An abstraction of physical value.

Digital currency is abstracted dollar note, which is abstracted coins, which is abstracted metal, which is abstracted value.

I just think this who shift to full blown digitization of human interaction is surreal
Society is not consciously aware that the social media or “mediums” we rely on to represent original things may no longer be a reliable guide.

Perhaps we are aware, to some extent. Hence the “fake news”.

But that’s like one fish telling another fish the water’s dirty.

“What the hell is water?”

“No, your waters dirty!”

Meanwhile no one has a clue that we’re all in the water together. They don’t even know what water is, because it is everything they know and live on.

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