Slavery Thoughts

I know so little about slavery. This seemed like the best broad historical survey. I feel like racism and slavery are fairly intertwined, and by understanding one, I can better understand the other.

When I approach these conversations or topics of racism and oppression I try to remain conscious of the language being used. Language has a very clear genealogy, and whether it’s speakers know it or not, can be traced back to specific ideologies, or communities with specific agendas

That being said, whenever I hear “power structures”, I immediately think of Marxism, and the critical theory it birthed, from Foucault and other contemporary Marxists

There is a power struggle with this narrative
There’s a lot of history that people are clearly ignorant of

But I really don’t know what to think of what’s going on right now, to be honest. I am against racism and prejudice of any kind, but the solution to end it is very confusing. There are so many extreme proposals.

You know, in the evolution of human history, slavery was seen as a major advancement. Imagine that?

Historically, warring people/neighbors would simply eviscerate and kill the losers.
At some point they decided to keep them alive, and feed them, but take their will. They said, I will not take your life, but in return, you will be indebted to me. And this slavery was born. Is slavery preferable to being killed?

The word “slave” is derived from the German word Slav, which referred to the Slavic neighbors to the East, which in the National Slavic tongue meant “glory”, because when Catholicism spread across Europe and the word of God was revealed to them, they proclaimed his glory.

What’s interesting is there is no concept of “freedom” without slavery. There is rich, there is poor. But the idea of unfree only exists when there is a lack of Will, which embodies slavery.

I feel like movements with good intentions can get hijacked by special interests with malicious intent, who hijack the narrative and pervert the good intentions of the movement, which end up sabotaging the ability to achieve the desired result. Like, radicals.

Perhaps the world is molded by radicals

They’re only radical in contrast to the prevailing systems, which violently resists change.

It begs the question if the ends justify the means

How radical must one become to achieve the end?

At what point do the radical means/methods subvert the desired end?

I always think about the losers, and how no one writes the history.

Howard Zinn revealed this phenomenon to me: Contemporary knowledge and culture and history is filtered by the rationalizations of the victor, of those who survived and were able to curate a personal history that justified their advancement

There is life, and there is death.

And at the center of reality is my life, and as I extend beyond my circles of influence, my responsibility for preserving life becomes less and less influential.

Not necessarily physically, but psychically.

How I define my identify, and who and what I include in my successive spheres of influence, ultimately dictates the value of each.

The more familiar, the more valuable.

I feel as if each person possesses a sociological web of knowledge which binds to networks of other minds.

And the web is composed of language, and the ability to leverage language to manipulate the sociological web is how knowledge is defined, and in turn power.

Language rules the world, by ruling the minds of men. We control others through language. The power of language, existing in an invisible sociological web, is the basis for government.

Laws are nothing more than words, which exist in mind alone, and their power simply a reflection of those with the most power to affirm and enforce those words in agreement.

I’m inclined to think racism is not inherently a color thing.

Slavery historically has been colorblind.

Whites enslaved whites.
Blacks enslaved blacks.
Blacks enslaved whites.
White enslaved blacks.
Etc etc.

When reading European history it didn’t seem that color was much of a factor in who was racists against who, who was discriminated against, or who was enslaved.

Greeks enslaved Greeks
Turks enslaved Greeks
Africans enslaved Spanish

The Barbary pirates of the Ottoman Empire monopolized human trafficking for hundreds of years, enslaving millions and millions of Europeans, in addition africans.

It’s a complex thing

Humanity needs to be preserved
If we fail to preserve it in others, we lose it in ourselves

Can we live in a police-less society?
Or will we be trading one evil for another?
I do feel fairly convicted that debt is the modern instrument of slavery
Debt and slavery have a long history
Is there “libertarian socialism” a thing?

Like, it is up to individuals to create the conditions for social wellbeing? Or is that a contradiction?

I feel like it should be a thing
Instead of electing politicians that enact bureaucratic government to enable social welfare,

We elect representatives who lead and promote social responsibility by creating models for citizen lead social welfare

As much as I’m for eradicating systemic injustices, I’m just as against creating bureaucratic structures with executive power to dictate abstracted visions of social good, which may begin with good intent, but overtime I feel may lose touch with the genesis of their purpose

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