The Decline and Fall of American Empire

I’ve been reading The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Gibbons. Perhaps the best history book I’ve ever read. Fascinating and equally alarming parallels emerge as you read and reflect on our current politic.

I’ve been thinking more globally since I began reading it, beyond the United States. I’ve been thinking more universally, and more in terms of centuries and millennia, than days and decades

For example, I’ve been asking myself if the USA is really the best place for opportunity, and if in 10 or 20 years, will America’s opportunities yield the ROI I should expect from my time on earth?

Or should I emigrate to greener pastures, like my ancestors did when they escaped the oppressive inequality and corrupt policies of aristocratic Europe?

In the beginning of the Roman Republic, that’s where you wanted to be. Everyone traveled to Rome to generate riches, to get educated, to get status and power.

Over time, wealth concentrated in the Italian state, and opportunity dried up

The poor still traveled to Italy to learn what they could and take it back to their homeland

But the educated Romans who knew better, they escaped Italy, and colonized provinces all over the world…. Spain, the Black Sea, Northern Africa, France, Britannia, etc.

They took their education and build amassed wealth in their distant province, where competition was with themselves, where opportunities were limited only by their imagination

Over time you watch Roman emperors birth location shift from Italy to Spain, Thracia, Gaul, Cyrene, etc…. towards the end of the Roman Empire, all the new wealth was amassed by entrepreneurs that colonized lands of opportunity

The Italian state was grossly unequal. The poor, and the ultra wealthy, and there was no middle. The mob eventually began to rule, and the emperors, out of fear, put more and more power in the hands of the army/praetor to restore order

This eventually ushered in the military dictatorship, whose absolute power left cruel ambition completely unchecked, which further eroded the republic
So I’m asking myself, where is the best opportunity?

If I can leverage my American business acumen elsewhere, where would they be?

There’s too much competition in the USA. Too much inequality.

But there are many places where i think creative industry could go a long way, while leveraging American business knowledge

It’s got me thinking…
I’m not sure America will be the best place to live in 20 years
At this rate, at this trajectory

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