Why I read the same types of books

I was recently asked me why I read so many of the same kinds of books.

I explained that there is nothing new under the sun, but an unlimited number of ways to describe what’s under the sun.

I explained that I believe there are universal truths and fundamentals, but an almost unlimited number of ways to describe these truths and fundamentals, and the ability to communicate and articulate these ideas effectively depends on my audience and the vocabulary familiar to them.

Each book I read may be on a similar topic, but has its own description and vocabulary and perspective. It may be talking about the same thing, but in a different way.

So every book I consume gives me another way to understand that subject and communicate it.

If I read a thousand books on a subject, I now have a thousand different ways of communicating the idea.

This is critical for influence and persuasion.

The more effective communicator, the more influential you will be.

Aligning language with your audience is critical for establishing trust, rapport, credibility, etc.

The more language at your disposal, the greater likelihood your ideas will be received and understood, and the more leverage you then have to shape a narrative, influence an outcome, and persuade.

The more I study and read and accumulate experience, the more I understand Platonism

Forms undergird all phenomena.

And all experience reveals something about that form.

The more experience, the more that form is revealed, the outlines and relationships

Reading is allows us to take someone else’s experience to shed light on a form

Doing is the best teacher. A wise teacher/coach/mentor highly accelerates understanding when combined with doing.

Reading is a supplement when the teacher/coach is absent.

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