Saturday, May 28, 2005

My friday night.
i worked till 1130. dropped some E (yay). went to a beach party. fighting everywhere. people everywhere. dont know whats goin on. no more alcohol. kegs dry. whatev.ppl r everywhere. po po roll up. outta nowhere. i realize the situation at hand. i shit and run my ass off to the car. i dive head first in some bushes so that i might be able to elude the blue monsters. run on the beach for a good, eh, fuckin mile.. (felt like it) find the car. get in. go to taco bell to chill out and figure out what the fuck happened. watch police and abulences spontaneously spawn from every corner of jupiter. heard that someone died. (seriously tho) im freakin out. but dont care cause im rollin. i call bunches of ppl up. leave a few dozen messages. pick up a 12 pack. go back to my house where i was gonna have ppl over. go to my neighbors house. party. brooke calls me back. told her i wanted to see her. she said stop by in this newhaven party. go there. rollin balls. drank 10 beers. really drunk. dont remember fine details. i liked everyone at the house i was at. i go home round 3. chill at my neighbors. talk to gay guys about life. very enlightening. im rollin till about 6 this morning. i see the sun peak its rays over the horizon. i realize i should probably go to bed. i had work at 10 this morning.
that was my friday night.

9:17 PM

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