i consider myself an overly considerate person. ill be ok with feeling uncomfortable and at times compromising myself for other people when i feel like they really need it. im not a push over. i get really irritated when people are inconsiderate, rude, disrespectful, thoughtless, and unapologetic (on top of countless other things) i do however sit back and wait for these things to compile in my mind before i say or do anything. im not really sensitive, only sensitive to other people. sometimes this works. sometimes you get burned. either way i dont see it as im missing out on much. im not the kind of person who longs for things are arent good. and anyone of those traits i hardly deem good. Id much rather abandon such things and move on to something better. so thats what i do. give people lots of chances. and than bam. pz. stop wasting my time if you cant figure it out.

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