fighting losers

fighting losers
last night i was at a party. had a good time. it was real fresh. keg, friends etc.,
well this kid, who officially earned the title loser last night, that has major issues showed up to this party. i got into a confrontation with him a week before as a result of his irrational behavior. i took it upon myself to let him know what was up. apparently he got offended and swore revenge on me. this kid is a little piece. he has no idea who i am. he shows up to this party, an hour passes. he gets his friends rallying up with him and confronts me. shaking, obviously nervous as hell asks if i remember who he was. no shit i remember. he wants to fight me. if anyone knows me i dont like fighting. but everyone that knows me knows that when i fight i go into a passionate animal survival beast mode and beat the living fuck outta whoever is attacking me and happily accept any and all pain that comes with fighting and even getting your ass kicked. and ive done this far too many times. i was at a party to have a good time. i didnt want to fight. he was a loser. he acted stupid. wasnt even worth it to me. well he made it worth it when in his last desperate feeble attempt to make up for his extremely worthless behavior and attempted to spit in my face. instantly i wanted to rip his head off and shit down his throat and only gods gracing prevented me from wasting him. instead i didnt do anything. and everyone at the party made sure he knew he was acting like a fuckin loser and told him to leave. that all being said, i didnt have personal issues with this kid before that night. thats all changed and he’s made it to my list of kids that are gonna get it real bad if they ever show their face to me again.

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