i almost died today. or it felt like it. i trained to the point where i was saturated in blackness from the intensity and repeatedness of being kicked, punched, choked out, or submitted in some fashion. honestly it wasnt as bad as im making it seem but i pushed myself to the limits. and it felt heavenly afterwards. i’d probably compare the euphoria to some drunk meaningless sex. it was that good.

other than that… i accomplished alot of productive, good errands and appointments that i’d been meaning to carry out. woke up.had lunch at pyro’s (yumyum). ran into a friend and had a good talk over lunch. took at friend to school (due to the carless state he’s in as a result of hitting two cop cars on US1 while mildly drunk… yeaaaa.) that was my good deed of the day. went to staples and bought a bunch of stregical supplies that’ll keep me organized and motivated. got a car wash. read. watched a motivational movie. met more ppl for more food and more lunch. went to school. scheduled the last of my credits so i can get my goddamn diploma and go to college.(hopefully that’ll be over and done with in a few weeks) relaxed. ate some more. went to my martial arts class. pushed myself hard as living hell. and now im chillin. that is a damn productive day in my book.


Those who cannot tell what they desire or expect, still sigh and struggle with indefinite thoughts and vast wishes.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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