i like this

if you do the things you need to do
when you need to do them.
you can do the things you want to do.
when you want to do them

i love that. and i really do my best to live by that.

i saw everyone that i havent seen in ages the past few days. It was great. i saw alot of people i love dearly. its funny. change is inevitable. i welcome it with open arms. we change. people change. things change. nothing truly stays the same. thats why everyone should welcome change with optimistic open arms. It’ll be good. anywayyy. its good to see everyone.

im reading jerry and esther hicks book ‘the law of attraction: the teachings of abraham” its pretty interesting. I use the word interesting cause i dont know what other word to use in its place. i guess ill go on to describe why i think this. in the first few chapters it talks about all this supernatural energy and channels and stuff. i am trying to reckon it with my conscious. i do believe in the spiritual world. I dont really care what the skeptics believe. Its tooo overwhelmingly positively affirmed that the spiritual world exisits. and quite frankly its just a matter of how much time each person has taken to get in touch with it. i believe its the source of true happiness. BUT. i do ultimately have my faith in God and the Bible.i believe it absolutely contains lifes greatest answers and you know, its easy for someone who hasnt experienced something to judge upon it. and you have to look at all the facts and take steps of faith with each lead in order to grasp the bigger picture. anyway. im trying to figure out if “the teachings of Abraham” are of God or of some other spiritual power thats not of God, but ultimately decieves people into putting thier faith into these entities instead. like demons and what not. i dont know if ive accurately explained what im talking about. im talking about people who are channels with “spirits”. and you ask these spirits whatever you wish and it will provide answers. i mean. im talking about the same spirits that tell those people on tv about the future and the spirits that operate in the all too real game of ouiji. i mean. they exist. and honestly only if you are open to it. and i guess im trying to figure out if these laws of attraction explained in “the law of attraction: the teachings of abraham” will bless me or ruin me. anyway. hm. ill read on and deduct using my reasoning.


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