i read this today and laughed

i like to park in handicapped spaces
while handicapped people make handicapped faces


alright so its not that funny… but the mental imagery of the scenario is.

Emerson is AMAZING! gosh i had no idea he was so good. Although he never conceded as ranking with the great philosphers who’ve juggled dogmas or creeds, what made his stand out was his great ability to interpret, rather than create. His writings are articulated and read in a rugged, poised, and concise manner, all while flowing poetically and conherently. He takes the most basic understandings and makes them so profound and spiritual. While your reading you’re just blown away at the perfect perspective he’s taken and is accounted for as he relays his message. Anyway. I’ve read “History” and “Self-Reliance” and both have really opened my eyes to a new light of literature. Maybe before i wasnt so willing to recieve good literature. i need moreeee

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