i was thinkin. just because its cool to think. when do you know when you met the one? do you know it? or do you decide it for yourself? hm. i like mature girls who are mature with the feelings. who have thier own life going for them and dont expect me to revolve around them, nor should they be expected to revolve around me. i really like girls who are honest with the feelings and dont play games. who know what they want and go for it. i dunno. i dont like liars. i hate liars. and deception. and anything like that. ew. i think i forgot how to love. i need to be taught again. it sucks when youre afraid. you just coast. nothing too exciting happens. i really like this one girl but im afraid to let myself totally give in. i guess it takes time. ofcourse it does. silly me. psh. anyway. go for your goals.

um. i have these tapes and i listen to them morning noon and night… they reprogram your brain. its crazy. haha. its like… this guy talking to you… and telling you repetively in an appealing manner everything that you want to be. there are different subjects and for instance im on the organizational CD. the guys like. “you are organized. you’re organized because you know to be be effective and accomplish goals things need order” .. and so on and so forth.. just an example… but yea. its cool. anyway. love!

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