don’t ever limit yourself. im gonna set out to achieve everything it is i want in life. and people are going to watch me in amazement and ask me how i did it. im going to write books and influence the masses. im going to succeed on a monumental scale. im going to have everything ive ever wanted. i wont stop succeeding until ive reached far beyond what the common mind can dream of. i will be sought after in high and low places. people will pay great sums of money for my time. they will buy my books and go to my seminars and classes to grasp the paradigms i live by. I will find ultimate happiness and true love. i fall in love with someone whomever i desire to fall in love with. i will be a slave to no one. i will work for no one. my efforts will be motivated by my desire to accomplish all of life’s obstacles because nothing is too great and because i know the greatest reward is acheiving my desires through work and a resolved mind. My riches will be a mere reflection of my success. I will read and retain and repeat and continually put into practice these things i believe in. Action will bring me these things. I will share my knowledge with the world due to the overflow of my understanding. Nothing will limit me or hold me back. No one, no thing. Will ever prevent me from attaining these desires deeply embedded into my soul.

‘What I must do is all that concerns me, not what the people think.’-Emerson
‘Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.’- Calvin Cooliage

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