i feel good. i mean. i had crushing anxiety for the first time in a long while, probably due to the immense amount of alcohol consumed during my stay in orlando at UCF. eh. anyways. i had a good time. i had this anxiety ensue after the first all-nighter drinking so i drank it away.. and it came back and i drank it away to just short of a incoherence about 4 times in 48 hours. anyway. it was fun. ive never drank all night to wake up at 1030am and drink till drunk, pass out for an hour and continue drinking for happy hour till the point of purging. anywhoooo.

not a lifestyle i could maintain for any length of time. ill be honest. i enjoyed seeing my friends. hm.

im planning a road trip. i swear to go im renting a car and going by myself if i cant find a worthy sidekick or two. im really excited to just drive.. and drive and drive to far off lands. ha. super cool. camp and meet strange people and drive through small towns and huge cities and all that cool stuff. um.

im feeling inspired and enegergized right now. not a genuine feeling ive felt in a lil while. its good. it runs through my body and resonates in my mind as tranquil and fiery. i am at ease. lemme think real ok. cant wait to go away to school. bye.

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