happy play

Hm. today was relatively pleasant. i worked the majority of the day. and i arrived home around seven-ish. i felt good. i read a good portion of my book while at work. it was a good feeling. it inspired me. i got home to a family dinner. i caught it at the very end, but it was just as pleasant. i ate some. and feeling lively i took to the idea of running at the beach. or on ocean blvd. i figured i could run for half hour or forty five minutes and catch the play “Pericles” by Shakespeare, preformed by Shakespeare at the sea productions at Carlin park. at any rate my run was very invigorating. i ran good and hard and worked up a loss of breath. eventually i got back to the play, i was only ten minutes late, and i pulled out my big beach blanket and unfurled it on the utmost hill looking over the performance. there was a eleemosynary breeze, a rolling zephyr, that caught my senses. it felt amazing. i laid on my back and extended my arms into the air as if to catch it, or hold it for a brief moment. i felt it streaming through my fingers like soft silk. it was perfect. it was funny. in the distant beyond the performance, lightning dashed softly from cloud to cloud, illuminating the heavens in a soothing spectacle. i just breathed deep and opened my eyes and ears to the words of the 16th century poet and playwriter, allowing his deep words to fall meaningful upon my ears. my night was relaxing. i need to find someone who enjoys the same idiosyncrasies of life as i do.

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