When my beliefs and understandings of classic objectives/aims are in conflict or in debate with another’s precepts for the sake of the ego. or me just babbling.

“Scaling the depths of my thoughts I often extract unobvious agendas for my active convictions. These convictions are skeptically accepted by company inarguably flawed as human. As is my aim and to those in earnest search of perfection: To be judged rightly by convictions within, without questioning the ebb and flow of public opinion as a measure of righteousness, while in the benevolent pursuit of applying ideals to ensure no ignorance unturned where there be truth. This is an attempt to transcribe the essence of communicating these anthropomorphic values, qualified as imperfect in nature, by capturing every thought and articulating its purpose with an ulterior cognizant in mind.
I examine a dilemma in comprehending a joint understanding between multiple consciousnesses and a single aim. If the communion called as a result of common ends, then what matters the system of arrival? Joining precepts requires understanding that we are equivocally operating under the same mechanics of human nature and abide fundamentally by the logics that are rooted in that nature. When purveying my arsenal for justification, I often shift consciousness, swimming in the shallow murky waters of public opinion so that I may test their tact before I commit my story to publication. (It’s operating this concept that I humor myself while I swim in the waters among the inane affected. I find certain satisfaction arise from counting on their predictable logic and flawed defense.) There is little reason to leave true intentions open for debate: Like casting pearls among swine, it does the animals no good. Egotistic perceptions tend to be the source of prevailing pride and opposition; always ending in a clamor of criticism or judgment where there is no single victor: and no victor would win. To win understanding, one must not battle ego with ego, but stroke the ego of the conflicting conscious into a state of swollen pride, inevitably bursting into prideful humility. This is when an alternative solution can be supposed and recognized by him, no matter if it was your suggestion or not. Knowing the ego allows a personalized map of the enemies defenses. Acquiring it comes when one is in honest good relation with his own flesh and desires as human; yet divorces from the contract with self-preservation in order to purify intentions and direct attention towards the selfless goal of righteous agenda. An agenda is only as sound as the resonating certainty laid on each syllable allocated to thier claim; dually therefore I do state my intent and leave my means as an afterthought so that they may further state themselves through success. Often I wonder if my assumptions are as true as I percieve true. I assume truth to be an assimilation of every intent and purpose begetting wholesome fruit that would be edible and exchangeable to anyone who was hungry for life abundantly.
There are ways of leading one to believe something contrary to the truth and there are those eager to lead; contrary truth is what you choose to see, always in direct line with the ego. This is deception and whether it works in favor or not, the power to convince is empowering enough. Once a conscious is convinced, and the ego is made full, it is laziness that opens the door for the same attack which indelibly leads to failure and destruction.”

I heard “I don’t need positive reassurance for trivial circumstances that borough their way into my life. Just when you think I’ve got a heart I turn a cheek and you never knew me. Don’t look into my eyes like you know the depths of my soul. I would tell you what the transgressions led my soul to scream but they are hardly a road map to my heart, nor an excuse to call me by name. There is a door and it opens one way.”
: I burn with passion when I watch the insensate egos of those who hold themselves in high esteem try to assimilate their brief knowledge of an individual like myself and condemn them to comparison with their own wretched soul, selling their conscious the idea that another is as prone to the evils in their depths as they are evil enough to dream. These preconceived seedlings and their azoic hosts will be treated as chaff and waste when ceremonies of worth are held on any judgment day.
: To unlock the fervor of my spirit you must come to me in my dreams and speak to me in my heart. ”

Its hard to say what really motivates these agendas. I only submit when there’s little left to surrender and even then my pride eludes the grasp of consequence.

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