When it comes down to it you believe or you don’t. This takes faith but its the only way to experience God.

If you are not looking for God you will never find him or experience him. Its like anything in life- ‘Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.’ If you dont ask, if you dont seek, if you dont knock, you will never ever get what you want out of life. and If you dont know what you’re looking for- how are you ever suppose to find it?

You will find whatever it is you are looking for in this life if you know exactly what it is you want to find and apply consistent effort towards reaching it. some people dont give it much thought and they dont really know what they’re looking for- and as a result they live mediocre lives as circumstances toss them back and forth. There are others who take control of life- they are go getters and instead of life dictating to them their future- they dictate and design their life through applied effort and clear vision.

If you see the magnificent world around us- and you explore the wonder of it- accept that there is no chance that this perfectly sustained world we live in is a fluke in time against the very laws of nature- you can begin to explore the wonders of God.

The very opposite is true as well. If you do not believe- If you want to disprove there is a God- you can convince yourself of every conceivable flaw with his existence. You will give yourself every reason to believe otherwise. and you will mount an enormous amount of seemingly sound information to support your claim- however far from reality it may be.
(this is funny because we’re so finite, and reality is so vast and complex we could never understand God and his design so to decide that there are flaws in his being is totally mans prideful ego)
You see this all the time- people that lie to themselves to protect their ego. or just to escape accountability. this translates to our belief in God as a way to accept accountability or escape accountability. To do right is hard- to do wrong is easy.


I read this and i loved it. It applies to belief and ignorance:

“The very idea that any one creature (human) should be fortunate enough to secure some particular advantage which others, through their own indolence or indifference, have missed, is sufficient to excite the envy of the weak or the anger of the ignorant… It is impossible that an outsider should enter into a clear understanding of the mystical spiritual-nature world around him, and it follows that the teachings and tenets of that spiritual-nature world must be more or less a closed book to such a one-a book, moreover, which he seldom cares or dares to try and open. For this reason, the sages concealed much of their profound knowledge from the multitude, because they rightly recognized the limitations of narrow minds and prejudiced opinions….what the fool cannot learn, he laughs at, thinking that by his laughter he shows superiority instead of latent idiocy.” * From The Life Everlasting by Marie Corelli


But- when it comes down to it- Reality is Reality. when we die- no amount of belief will prevent what is from happening.

The beginning of wisdom is to know that you know nothing. Pride and the ego often prevents this. anyway. this applies to God as well. We will never wrap our minds around God. we will never have all the answers to justify our belief. But- you can believe and you can experience God- and that is empowering enough to make me die for my faith. To Clarify, The God I’m talking about is Perfect. He is all Truth, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, all loving, just, and totally righteous. Any god that is not everything good and righteous is not the god but deception- either by our ego to satisfy our fleshly desires- or some other natural force that we constantly fight against in order to seek truth. Nothing Good is easy- but the rewards are exponentially greater than the hardships when reached.

anything good worthwhile endeavor, thought, ideal, or concept is like a plentiful harvest- that you slaved to till, sow, water, prune, and harvest in order to reap the bountiful fruit from the single seed. there are no shortcuts lest you be cheating yourself. same goes for life.

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