i can only account for my personal experiences and do my best to relate these transient words as an expression to those whose hearts resonate in tune with mine. My experiences are filtered, then dictated to memory, through the attitude i hold to my mind- like an eyeball searching for details in a landscape through an eyeglass. The landscape is as real as the eye that beheld it. and if the eye doesn’t see through eye ware, possibly due to poor quality, how can it believe? the mind believes what it sees. not what it does not. if the mind changes the attitude in which it approaches the reality, many new details will present itself. much like changing the spectacles one wears to enhance viewing capacity.

If you have a hard time seeing through someone else’s eyes, change your attitude to an open one. Don’t be lazy or stubborn or prideful. No need to fear the unknown. get acquainted and build on your arsenal of understanding.


When i write. i only want to write from my heart. where my feelings dictate the fingers. where i enter a state of conscious unconsciousness. Time stops and my eyes pass through the screen or paper into my thoughts where i swim and skim off the top of my subconscious. My vibrations are in sync with every cell in my body. This is sometimes brief. a flash of inspiration like a white light. sometimes it lasts for hours until my attention is forces to be drawn elsewhere. I only want to write in order to let people know that someone feels like they do. i want to capture the curiosity, capture the eagerness, capture the appeal of another consciousness. or subconscious. maybe these words will replay at night in their dreams. maybe a single word i present in my productions will be the last word in a revelation to could change their life. who knows. i just want to relay and relate.

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