HOORAH FOR SOCIALISM! HOORAH FOR GOVERNMENT REGULATION AND CENSORSHIP! America is lazy. They want the government to take care of their every need, avoiding any responsibility for themselves as the sovereign defenders of freedom and their pursuit of happiness, and point their finger at people to blame while they continue to carry on wrecking havoc on morality and sound laws in order to be “politically correct” by practicing ‘tolerance’. We are the people. Freedom is something the American people have to earn and fight for every generation. If we don’t we’re left with an ungrateful apathetic outlook towards our governments role as the extension of the sovereign will of the people to protect freedoms domestically and abroad. Unfortunately the current state of apathy has caused the nation’s will to decline into a sad state of hopeless helpless beggars who avoid responsibility, and rely on others to blame and solve their problems. It’s hopeless no matter who’s voted in.

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