Losing Mind

Im losing my fucking mind. I wanna snap. There is nothing rational about my feelings or mentality right now. I wanna start beating the shit outta people. Anyone that fuckin crawls under my skin. I wanna gnash and lash and whip and freak the fuck out. I am sick and fuckin tired. Of fake fuckin smiles. Of having nothing to say to any of these pieces of worthless shit. I’m freakin outta my skin. I wanna blow up. I dont wanna be nice. I dont wanna pretend. I wanna speak my fuckin mind. I dont wnana be sensitive. FUck that shit. God i wanna beat the fuck outta those pieces of fuckin shit smartasses who think they’re oh so fuckin cool. Those slut ass cocky bitches. I wanna drive and get reckless and be furious with hormonally charged impulses of rampage. I wanna break fire upon everyone who looks at me like they fuckin know me. I dont wanna know you. I wanna crawl up into a fuckin cesspool of shit and drown myself. These feelings are crawling all over me. Scaling my body from the inside out. In my mind. This disease of negativity is eating me alive. This viral infection inseminating any good intentions. Im being struck down one thought at a time with these animalistic urges to expose any decency i built to retain. I wanna let go. I wanna punch you in the fuckin face. I wanna ruin you life with my stare. Staring you right in the eye. Burning a whole through your soul. You haven’t known hurt and emptiness and fearlessness like this. You cocky piece of shit. You think you’re tough. You think you know it all. I don’t give a fuck about you or your life or what you think. If you wanna piece of me I’ll fuckin bleed my life all over you. one bloody fist of rage at a time until im mashing a hole in your head and smiling with bloody bright red glee. Ruin me. Cut me. Beat me break me smash me peirce me. You can never have my fuckin will. I will never break. I will while my smiling death stare. I will look towards the sky and gurgle my blood and beat you with my bones. I wanna hang myself with your guts. I wanna bath in your blood, drown myself in your excrement. Its a downward spiral thats soo easy to slide down. You don’t have to try. You don’t have to collect your thoughts. You have to act on impulses only. There is no love, only hate. I have a black heart.

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