the fire of inspire.

Inspiration comes unannounced like a flash of lightning across rain swept skies. Why then, in the darkest of nights whilst facing the most unkindly of tempests, do men hide themselves? Why, rather than pressing on to secure their footing in high places, do they retreat to familiar grounds of no protection? They cease their search and shut their eyes and wait for the surges of doubt and self-pity to recede as hope slips into the darkness they’ve hid themselves in. Never retreat. The march is slow and arduous, but you should never travel backwards. Move forward to higher ground, let inspiration light the way. No guarantee of tomorrow only provides men with their magnificent dreams of today. Never give up on your dreams.
It’s been said: “We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand-and melting like a snowflake…” (RAY)


I yearn for this inspiration that moves me and my thoughts in the most unconventional and original ways. It’s effortless. When examining the beauty there are no imperfections.

I think life is a feeling. When we aren’t feeling we aren’t living. They’re a good indicator of whether our thoughts are working for us or not. I’m not sure why I ever doubt. The only reason one is to doubt is if his feelings aren’t lining up with his expectations.

When I search for these pure feelings and wholesome thoughts, I’m caught looking through a prism of possibilities. A kaleidescope of color. It’s frustrating to change the way your perceive things. Experiences have taught to test and act on anything that seems to line up with worthwhile convictions. Don’t harbor the opinions and philosophies that guide your thoughts without testing their resilience.

The birds are outside fluttering back and forth from tree to tree.

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