Writing to right

I’m writing to share some of the substance stored away in the reservoir of my subconscious. So tomorrow we’re playing at some coffeehouse. Playing music! Should be fantastic. Loads of fun. My room mates crack me up. Im pretty laid back about this whole ordeal but they’re super stoked and super serious. My room is hotter than hell!

Today was good. I was in a gregarious mood. Witty and couth. I scare myself with the mind games I play on people. I do my best to be blatant so others can laugh along at the absurd propositions I pitch them. Ooo! I went to hot yoga today! The yogo instructor was a babe… but that’s neither here nor there. So yogo… i was a virgin to this whole thing prior to tonight. It was invigorating. They blasted the heat to over a hundred degrees.. I was sweating so profusely that it was dripping into my eyes where it burnedd and blinded me. I thought it’d be all relaxing. Started off with sissy breathing stuff…. then all the sudden.. she wanted to inflict pain upon me and we were performing crazy body twists and bends. It felt good the first five minutes.. then just brutalized me. Thoroughly enjoyable. It was cathartic to say the least… and I’ll return. I felt relieved… stronger and more at peace. Got rid of alot of pent up tension.

Hm… This week will be challenging. I look at it as a challenge. I’ll be enthusiastic about all my work. God willing it gets down. We’ll see… its late… 140am. bed bed!

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