What is great? I want to be great. My definition of great may not afford me the unconditional support of the masses, but I can still achieve it in my little world. Even better. What is great? Its whatever the public deems it to be. To be great- all we need to do is convince the world we are so.

There are so many famous unknowns in the world. Genius’s of all sorts of skills and trades with striking feats of creativity and accurate and precise thinking.

What makes people great? People make people great. If we can convince others we have what’s great- they think it’s great. Manipulation is what makes you a loser. It’s the opposite of great. Aka any demagogue or dictator who rallied up the masses and later spouted empty promises. No. Great men persuade, but they offer something in return. Something of sustenance. Something that keeps people alive.

If I want to be great- I only need to convince everyone around me that I am a rarity. That I am unique. That I am after their best interest. People are attracted to leaders. Those who know the way, go the way, and show the way. I want to provide people with direction.

Maybe the greatest people only had to convince key people they were great. And this caused a trickle effect. Everyone looked up to someone who looked up to that someone who looked up to that someone. And this reinforced the qualities of great they possessed. Maybe I’ve got it wrong. I only need to convince the people at the top, the people who currently hold the power and attention of the people.

Actions are payment for promises. Great men are men of action.

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