Image. Ination.

I like imagination. Imagination is fun. If you hone your skills well enough, you learn how to design and construct an ideal reality- free from illogicality but saturated with idealism.

I think feelings are the end all be all. Achieving feelings the feelings you want requires a bit of logic and reason. The heart and passions run free but that doesn’t mean they know where they’re going. They need to be directed. I am thoroughly convinced that how we feel, and how we feel about how we feel, is the essence of our life and what we call reality. Nothing else matters. The quality of my life, of your life, depends on how you feel about it. Not the facts (as if they’re objective anyway), but pure emotion. Funny things thoughts are. They are the seedling of these emotions. We plant these thought seeds deep in our brain and at just the appropriate times they become triggered and we respond with a feeling. We should be more careful with our thoughts. They are precious.

Knowing this we should choose only the best, only the highest, only the most lofty. Do not stray from reason and logic, but weigh the consequences of the logic. How will this train of thought, these sequence of thoughts, make me feel? Ignore any necessary thoughts. To do this, have goals and objectives. Know what success feels like, know what accomplishing these objectives looks like. Use your imagination. Construct a beautiful chord of thoughts and weave them together into a coherent dream. This dream is your future. Act as if it is already yours. It will be a struggle at first. Your mind always wants to find a balance. Its pains to grow and become something it is not. Press on. You will become your thoughts. Meditate on these thoughts. Play with them. Be the person you wish to be. Take no shortcuts. Saturate your soul with the feelings accompanying this desire. Act on every opportunity to actualize this desire and bring it closer to fruition.

Your thoughts are all you are. You, as a person, as a personality, are nothing more than your thoughts. Cherish this notion. Make use of it.

Choose your thoughts. Construct your world. Free yourself from the restraints, the limiting beliefs, the negativity, the weeds of confusion and doubt and worry. Cut off these weights and lift your head up high. Breath deep and take on the world. Charge after your desires. Act as if. This is your world. Perfection is attainable. Decide how you want to be. Decide you are capable. Always persist.

If you want to grow, do not change what thoughts you meditate on. Choose to change how you think about them.

Our thoughts are equations. Rewrite these equations. Pursue a more desirable output. Change the way you interpret your senses. Change the way you mull over information, the way you perceive truth, reason, the world around you.

Do not let anyone or anything take you down. You must look for motivation within yourself. You are always capable of choosing your thoughts. We are creatures of habit. Get in the habit of thinking good thoughts. These thoughts will comfort you in challenging times. They will act as reminders of your strength and courage and perseverance. Do not feed the negative thoughts that inhibit and destroy. That make you shirk from greatness. You are great. Be great. No one became successful by thinking they’d fail. You are the only person who decides how right you are. Decide to overcome. Decide to aim high. Decide you will be right.

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