Stop chasing and start attracting.

If you want to pull with the weight of the world, you need to magnify the mass within you.  Become weightier, fuller, larger, on the inside.

No more chasing visions of the future, grasping dreams with imaginings.

Man is all or nothing. Do not ask me if it is enough. It is never enough. Can you feel enough? Can you experience enough? Think enough? Is it real enough? Smart enough? Creative enough? There is no enough. Don’t judge my ambitions to feel more, to be more. Maybe the weight of such a task leaves me hobbling. So long as I move, so be it.

Anyway. I’ve been applying for jobs. My current job is fine, but I want more. There’s nothing holding me back. I want the opportunity to dominate, to work hard and create real value. I’ve got about a dozen interviews lined up within the next three weeks. Crazy.

It’s not how you start: it’s how you finish. Life is a marathon. You are the sum of every day you worked toward your goal. It’s about steps. Every step leaves you closer. What really matters, afterall? I refuse to count myself out, ever.

Everything is an illusion. We buy into an illusion to create reality. I can bend reality by bending my illusions, by comporting by will to whatever illusion creates the grandest spectacle for people to revere.

The ego is our greatest salvation, and also our greatest flaw. Positive illusions occur when we’re optimistic. We posit beliefs and stitch them together with our rosy intentions. There is nothing making them real.

I submit a resume. I learn skills. Everything is vocabulary. I can talk the talk. I can walk the walk.

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