Business Time

Let me tell you: you don’t want to work for anyone but yourself. Carpe diem. You may argue thy experience is needed: that may or may not be true. You have a year of experience. You can read books. Your clients will provide you with experience.

Find a job and gain experience while your business is being built.

Our goal is to go full time within 1-2 years. In the meantime we build the business, assemble our model, develop our brand, Website, network, get our name out. I am good at sales/ networking. We will be successful, it will just take time.

I will continue asking until you figure out a way to make it happen, or tell me to fuck off. Cause I believe we will be successful with every bone in my body. I am reading nonstop. Within 2 years we will have read the books, conducted the market research, and developed our business plan and model so that we will be unstoppable. I have a network of incredibly knowledgeable, talented, and experienced professionals that will help me and provide me with the advice/ counsel i need along the way.

This is no hype. I’m telling you how it’s gonna be.

You’re one of my best friends, and you’ve always believed in me, now I’m telling you that I believe in you.

I have the potential. I don’t need to pander to “experience” by being “bookies” or “data worms” or “analysts”. Very rarely do great leaders wait around to actualize their greatness. They know that time is their enemy, and with enough time anything is possible, so they wait for no man, no circumstances. They make them.

You should be inspired. We can do it. No one will tell us it’s possible because a) they aren’t doing it, or b) they have no incentive to see us succeed and compete with them. It takes vision. It takes boldness. Daring boldness to try and fail, over and over again. THAT is where real experience is gleaned. Persistence. Focused determination. And failure, mistakes. If we never give up, we will learn from our ignorant mistakes, and gain wisdom and succeed wildly. No risk no reward. Too many people would rather be secure than be free, than let themselves fail and discover untapped potential.

Good habits, hard work, curiosity, persistence, passionate enthusiasm, intelligent reflection, and applied wisdom: the recipe for success. If you are capable of doing any of them, you are capable of doing all of them together. And success will follow naturally.

There is no secret to success. That’s what they want us to think: That we NEED to do this or that. We just need to try yielding to our dreams if we want to attain any satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment in this life that’s actually authentic and genuine.

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