While the selfish part of me would like to keep my extremely handsome salary to myself, especially because I worked so hard to get the degrees and training and career I have, I would gladly pay more taxes if it meant better education for the next generation, better health care for veterans, better community programs for those stuck in poverty, less inequality, a more fair justice system, Etc etc. I want to live in a society where everyone is given equal access to quality education, resources and networks. I don’t think that makes me selfish at all. How you treat those who can offer you nothing says a lot about you. Corporate exploitation and government corruption are two threats that will always face a society. It ebbs and flows in either direction. At the current moment we need a government to crack down on the super national corps and banks that have been exploiting Americans the past four decades and not paying taxes.

I implore you to look into the real issues. I implore you to do more than the average American and inform yourself on each candidate’s position, and ask yourself if they actually identify these issues as apart of their platform, and what they’ve done in their life to rectify them. 

I know you’re one of my more open minded and educated and intelligent friends, so I’m sure you’ve done your due diligence, but I ask they you keep on reading and researching and educating yourself. 

I’m sure you’re aware that GDP has more than tripled since the 1970’s, while real adjusted wages have stagnated, and CEO compensation has increased by over 3,000%. 

I’m sure you’re aware that the war on drugs is an abysmal failure. That the USA has 25% of the world’s prison population, and a large portion of those are private for profit prisons. I’m sure you’re aware that more more than 80% of these people are nonviolent drug offenders who now have a record. Im sure you’re aware that this is a racial war and it perpetuates generational poverty. I’m sure you’re aware they your tax dollars pay for those people. I’m sure you’re aware that US healthcare is 300% more than the UK, 50% more than France, etc. I’m sure you’re aware that our healthcare system is broken. I’m sure you’re aware that 15 people own more wealth than 100 million people, and that 47 million people live in poverty. I’m sure you’re aware that the freedom of information act is a huge breech of our citizens privacy. I’m sure you’re aware that our politicians will happily spend trillions on hopeless wars, while our veterans can’t get basic healthcare when they return home. I’m sure you’re aware that the top 5 banks have combined assets equal to 60% of our gdp, meaning they are too big to fail, meaning if another economic calamity happens then tax payers will be forced to foot the bill to save them. I’m sure you’re aware that super pacs and corrupt campaign financing have resulted in a rigged political system where real issues can’t even be addressed or discussed because the politicians are bought and obligated to their donors, so the broken system is perpetuated. I’m sure you’re aware that the USA is 27th in literacy. I’m sure you’re aware our generation has the highest income to debt ratio than any other country or time in history. The same goes for savings rates. I’m sure you’re aware we have a massive student debt problem that’s being exacerbated by schools spending on bs that doesn’t better educate students. I’m sure you’re aware there is an inexcusable gender pay gap that needs to be addressed. 

I could go on, and on, but I’m sure you are aware of all this and more.

I’m sure you’re aware that Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that consistently addresses these issues.

I’m sure you’re aware he’s the only candidate that doesn’t have a super pac or special interests groups financing his campaign, and thus no obligation to any interest other than the American people. 

I’m sure you’re aware that he’s an independent. Im sure you’re aware he doesn’t profit from his political influence as a senator. Im sure you’re aware that his platform and principles hasn’t changed throughout his entire political career. I’m sure you’re aware he has the best senate attendance record while running for president. I’m sure you’re aware he has the highest number of individual campaign contributors than anyone else in history, with an average of $27 per contribution. I’m sure you’re aware that he’s never run a negative campaign in his life, and that he’s committed to talking about the real issues, not other candidates personal problems.  Im sure you’re aware that his policy proposals have the endorsement of more professional economists than any other candidate. I’m sure you’re aware that he is striking a chord with the American people who are aware of these issues and want someone who can voice them and bring them to light so that they’re addressed. 

I’m sure you’re aware that he’s not going to solve it all, but that he’s better than the other DNC candidates who have been and/or are currently being federally investigated, and who have flip flopped on every major platform issue throughout their career. And he’s vastly better than the other xenophobes who simply obsess about what seems like three singular issues: Muslims, immigrants, and lowering taxes for all, especially the super wealthy, but seem to ignore all he major infrastructure and domestic issues plaguing our society.

I’m sure you’re a well read, well informed citizen. 

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