Outrage Over Nothing

Damhán: I guess it fend for ourselves night.
Very thoughtful.
Don’t know why we should go to Florida tomorrow.
Don’t bother with your response.

Michael: Because we love each other? Because we’re committed to being with each other through thick and thin? Because arguments happen? Because we don’t give up? Because you want to meet my family? Because I want you to be apart of my life?
Are we not on the same page?

Damhán: I was just waiting for you to come back so we could have dinner
But you want to go by yourself
Whatever I cook for us everyday and you do this
I’m canceling my ticket
I need space. I was upset and I needed to get out.
Don’t talk to be
Have fun in Florida by yourself
You can explain it to your whole family
I don’t care.
You could have gone out and come back.
But you did this
I’m not dealing with this anymore
I did nothing wrong. You should have been proud
But you had to do this
Fuck this
Obviously I shouldn’t care
But it doesn’t do me any good
You fucked up big time
When you come home. Don’t talk to me. Don’t look at me.
I’m not cool with this at all
This is completely inconsiderate
Totally all about you all the time
I ever fucking warned you not to act like this
And you still did
Totally all about yourself and your feelings

Michael: Damhán, despite whatever you say, despite whatever you think is happening, despite however you think I’m behaving, despite however upset I am, the fact is and will always remain that I love you. And I am committed to us. And I believe in us.

Damhán: No you fucking aren’t
You care about your own feelings
We were going to have dinner together and you go by your God damn self
Because you are selfish and only your feelings matter
This is not the first fucking time Michael
This is the last time
No big deal. Couldn’t eat yesterday but you don’t care
Because it’s all about you
Every single time
Didn’t want to help out when I had shingles
Because you don’t care
Nothing every is important enough

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