Current Politics

When people tell me we can’t afford free education, healthcare and infrastructure investments:

The government gives trillions in tax breaks to corporations that have allowed a massive wealth transfer, and a massive reduction in tax funds. Tax rates on the wealthiest have declined every year since 1950. Wage growth has not grown since 1975, but GDP has increased over 300%. We have the highest debt per capita than any other country.

We’ve been paying for perpetual warfare since WWI. The Iraq war cost us $6 trillion. There are hundreds of billions spent on military defense contractors annually. Our military spending is more than the next 11 countries combined.

We imprison 25% of the world’s prisoners, more than the next 4 countries combined, including China and russia. 80% + are non violent drug offenders. The war on drugs costs $15+ dollars a year. It costs 2-4x more to incarcerate that to educate.

Trump has proposed a policy to build $600 billion dollar wall across the Mexican border.

Hillary’s state department lost/ stole $6 billion in funds.

Our healthcare costs are 150-300% higher than other developed nations. All because the government allows pharmaceutical companies to exploit the sick and needy, which translates into higher premiums, and millions unable to afford care without going bankrupt.

I could list endless cases of wasteful spending that does nothing to serve societies best interest, elevate the whole and and remedy our nations problems. I could go on and on.

But you are a fool. And only you can help yourself. Your ignorance is your own. You will reap what you sow.

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