I was reflecting this morning, and I wanted to share some.

Being still is important. Habits pull us every which way. Trivial distractions. We want, want, want. We are constantly being pulled. Desiring. Craving.

We believe in everyone else’s dreams and visions and ideals and values, but we have none of our own. We don’t know ourselves. We take, take, take, and do not give. And all the while we are emptier, and lonelier, and sadder.

I have been practicing stillness. It’s crucial to quiet your mind and let go of all preoccupations, all worry. Letting go of all needs.

We need nothing outside us, nothing material, no approval, no admiration, no attention, no affections, no pleasures. These things become our master.

We need to only serve love and truth.

I have a tattoo I got in college:

“ne te quaesiveris extra” which means “do not seek yourself outside yourself” or “seek yourself within”

There is no truth or love in the world. No truth in text. In words. In signs. In symbols. In man. In things. In achievement.

Truth and love exist in us.

We need not do anything but accept that we possess them. They are not earned. They are revealed by submitting, by accepting, as a gift. We can never do enough or be enough or have enough.

We are enough, if we accept ourselves.

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