Recent Reading

Some books I recently read that have been amazing:

•The 10x Rule (amazing sales/life performance book… optimizing effort for maximize achievement)

•The Power of Habit (cool book full of awesome anecdotes)

•The 5 second Rule (how to get shit done)

•Extreme Ownership (written by Jacko, navy seal… how to take full responsibility for your life)

•The Compound Effect (incremental progress leads to exponential results)

•The Obstacle is the Way (challenges are the source of progress)

•Exactly what to say (how to sell and close anyone on any idea)

•The Subtle Art of Not giving a fuck (great life book…. spiritual and practical advice)

•Peak Performance (what separates good from great, and how to sustain greatness without burnout)

•The Originals (what makes someone a creative success???)

•Deep Work (discusses the increasing rarity and value of working uninterrupted for prolong periods of time… no distraction. Creating spaces to focus. Focus. Focus. Focus is the key to productivity. Nice overview of successful contemporary and historical figures who mastered Deep Work)

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