When you realize that the most pleasurable and satisfying way to spend your life is actively developing yourself in relation to your highest ideals, into a set of goals that force you to actualize hidden potential

Its inspiring to understand that life can be SO MUCH MORE than we currently know, that that realization alone will not only improve the quality of our life, but improve the lives of everyone around us. When you accept that yes, life is difficult, for everyone. It’s a feature of life. The only way to transcend that reality is to accept it, and choose your difficulties, instead of letting circumstances and people choose them for you… I don’t know when to lose hope for others. I only know that the best thing I can do for others is be my best, and that’s all I can do. When someone can see that I was and am, on average, a shit bag, and that I got it together and keep it together, I hope that is enough to inspire others that seem unreachable.

No one can help you but yourself.

The secret to life and success is that there is no secret.

If you can’t help yourself, there’s no helping you.

Man, I think the biggest challenge for people (myself included) is re-claiming self-worth, learning to value yourself, and doing that through small daily victories, because once you understand that you have infinite potential within you, nothing will stop you. Its not if, its when.

Habits. Learning to establish habits. Not focusing on fighting the old, but focusing on creating the new. Habits are everything. Don’t think, just do. Overthinking is the devil. Thinking you can “think” your way into happiness, out of problems, is self-deception. Action. Action cures all. If you want something, DO IT. Don’t hesitate. Seize that shit. Instantly. Trust your instinct. ACT. Eliminate hesitation, doubt, worry

Action. There is no ready. Its NOW. Every moment.

Spend time alone. Think about what you really really really want. Meditate on it. Dream about it. Make it clear. Really spend time focusing all your energy on what it is you really, really want, what you desire.

Have that dream, and have it clear, and powerful, and let it fill you with emotion, with euphoria. Then you fuckin act.

Fail forward

I always tell myself that I’d rather fall forward, stumble, crawl… then not move at all.

I’ll desperately move forward. I don’t care if I have to get up every day bruised and broken. As long as I’m acting towards my goals. There are days in life when every day you get up, you get knocked down. The beauty is that every day you decide to get the fuck up, you can at LEAST fall forward. And that is progress.

It NEVER rains every day. I always remember that. There will be cloudy days, it may rain, storm, flood…. but the sun will always shine again.

I like to think of a person’s life as a little sail boat. Shit happens. Circumstances. Other little sailboats are bastards. Winds. Currents. Storms. Waves. Life is never a straight line. You never sail in a straight line. Its always a zig zag, you must always tack to the wind. But the thing is. If you don’t have a goal, if you don’t have a designation… you will NEVER arrive. You must have a destination to get through the storms. Goals are everything. Values are everything. Desires. Dreams. Whatever you want to call it. You must have a destination in mind.

Hunger. Urgency. Feel the pain, and let it move you. Don’t let it paralyze you. Let it hurt. Don’t numb it. Embrace the pain. Let it move you. And ACT.

Do not self medicate. Do not feel sorry. Do not make excuses. You vs. You. 1% improvement everyday gets you compounding returns.

I read early on in my “personal development” pursuit, that I couldn’t spend “major time with minor people”. I thought that sounded terrible, but its very true.

You become your company. You want to spend time with people who are achieving greatness.

I used to look down on those people… like… people who struggled to get their shit together. But then I realize I know what thats like. In fact, even after I pulled myself out of it, I’ve been there… mentally, emotionally. I realize I owed it to myself to be a role model. Not for my ego. Quite the opposite. I need to give when I have abundance.

Not a lot of my time. But care and share, and be a light. People are hungry for connection, for people who care, for answers, for salvation. There are people whose lives you can change. You can’t spend your life fixing people. Or changing people. That’s not the point. Its to be a source of inspiration. By making yourself visible. By sharing your thought processes and values. You might be one of the few quality people he’s ever met. He may never have access to the quality of person you’ve become, and you can, potentially, change his life.

Success is a state of mind: Poverty mindset vs Abundance mindset.

Its all an attitude, all a state of mind.

If you have faith that there are seeds of greatness within you, you can water those seeds with righteous thoughts, and actions will spring forth and soon your life will begin to blossom and bear fruits of goodness and success; you must believe that you have the potential, that there are untapped gifts, that there is a force within you waiting to be tapped

You gotta embrace the pain, hit bottom, give up, and embrace change, realize that the way you’ve been living is broken, and be open.

People change due to inspiration, or desperation, or some combination, but pain, and the desperation it produces, really can be an incredible force to spur us into action, and I believe that ACTION is the source of inspiration. MOVE.

You gotta turn on to reading to change your thoughts

Thoughts = actions = habits = character = destiny

That is why reading is so powerful. Thoughts are seedlings that can grow into mighty oaks. The book As a Man Thinketh By James Allen changed my life. Simple, concise, pure wisdom.

James allen was the first “personal development” philosopher, so to speak. Sure there are philosophies like stoicism and buddhism and what not, but James Allen was the first one to be like… Yo. You can change your fuckin life if you change your fuckin thoughts. Essentially the first guy to put forward the idea that man can actually improve himself. That through a series of meta-cognitive realizations, he can do things to alter his life. And it all starts with Thoughts. You become what you think about. Attitude is choosing your thoughts.

You can’t choose circumstances, but you can choose thoughts, you can decide what to think. That THAT is the source of changing everything.

Only when the man is right will his world be right

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