The Relationships Between Pain and Hunger

Hunger is the gatekeeper of pain in the brain

If you have chronic pain: starve yourself

So like. If there is trauma or immediate pain, a protein is released that suppresses hunger

Could it be that in the early development stages this protein is dominant in high pain environments (abuse or trauma) and then later in life in the absence of this hostile environment there is a under suppression of appetite, leading to overeating??? Or emotional eating??

And like, hunger suppresses chronic pain

Does that make sense?

Like, this gene is over expressed in early developmental hostile environments, and then is desensitized in childhood so that the absence of pain causes an excess of hunger?

Just a curious thought

Connecting emotional eating and trauma with these mechanisms

Because I swear obese people always have some heavy psychological trauma

If you ever watched my 600lb life you know

Childhood trauma

And as adults they just can’t ever satiate

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