About Time, Mental Models

My life has stabilized for the first time in a long time. And I shouldn’t say stabilize as if its a past tense, since its a continual stabilization that is occurring, and stabilizing, happening day to day, as I right myself toward convicted aims.

I’ve been overwhelmed in recent years, by the magnitude of possibility, and the seeming inability to have patience for the wisdom that comes from eliminating all possibilities to a single focus, and pursuing that, with the idea that experience and answers will follow.

There’s a biting urge to hesitate, and over analyze when evaluating options.

I’m working in industrial automation again, targeting the biotech/lab automation industry, robotics, and packaging. I like my team, I like my work, and I like my customers. There’s ripe dysfunction within the organization at the moment, but that’s okay. Growing pains. Our objective is to almost double growth in two years. There are plenty of dysfunctional organizational practices at the moment, and I see myself as the change agent, who will lead from behind, or the front, or the sidelines, or wherever is necessary, and infect people with my enthusiasm for achievement.

My intellectual preoccupations have been revolving around mental models as of late, and how they relate to Kuhn’s paradigms, Euclid’s axiomatic proofs, Kant’s Representations, world-views, assumptions, conceptual schemes, frameworks, perspectives, contexts, simulacra, mental maps, landscapes etc.

These are a set of relational systems that essentially mirror themselves, in a way, into the neural networks of the mind.

The relations are impressed upon the mind. We see a triangle. This arrangement of lines and angles finds a way to inhabit the neural networks as a mirrored structure that we can then recall at will for a variety of reasons.

There seems to be a fractal quality to mental models, that allows for their application on any scale, to just about any perception.

Mathematics– geometry and algebra– seem to possess no limit in their application, from macro to micro.  There are fundamental shapes: triangle, and PI. These are self-contained, self referencing wholes. The circle is an infinite iteration of triangles around a point, an anchored center.

Why the triangle? Because relationships are necessarily, because life can be deduced through a series of relations between 3 points.

The number 3 is important. It is a prime, and therefore irreducible. You can build with prime numbers. They are elementary particles.

I’m rambling. Going to bed.

Relationsmanifestum philosophiae.

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