I’ve been in Florida the past week visiting my family. My parents rented a house on the water in Palmetto, FL. I’m on a flight home to San Francisco, heading to Chicago O’Hare before switching planes and flying to SFO.

It’s near impossible to capture how often the inspiration to write occurs, but I feel inept. It’s wrong, of course. Writing is writing. Is breathing. There’s no formality to capture.

I’ve been studying for the GMAT, albeit slowly, and not very intensely. This is something I stand to correct in the upcoming weeks. My sole goal is to achieve a 750+ on the GMAT, with the intent of going to Berkeley for a part time MBA program.

I’ve been reading more diligently, though I’m struggling to determine the net benefit beyond checking off books. I want to reflect more often on the content of my readings. I’d like to to apply to all the content I consume. I want to write a blog post on everything I consume, be it Twitter, Hacker News, Audio books, or regular books. I need to cultivate a network of associations that I can leverage in reasoning. My cathedrals of thought are in need of maintenance and major repair.

What is the point of reading, or consuming, if there is no building?

Content collects like timber, steel, cement, stone. It’s up to me to fashion it into something indestructible. When chaos and pain and fury present themselves, I am steadfast, strong, and fearless.

I’d like to collect, and build. What is learning if not by doing? There is nothing passive about knowledge. It’s strength lies in its application.

My goal is to strengthen my mental capabilities, my cognitive capabilities, so I can compete, and add value to whichever cause I choose to undertake.

My current cause is overcoming the GMAT. Its my dragon, my serpent, that I must slay if I wish to transform my self, and transmute mind into something more powerful.

Part of getting into Berkeley will mean I do something more than what I’m doing. In addition to studying for the GMAT and working, what else can I do to bolster my standing? What can I do, create, build, work on, start up, volunteer for? My life and actions need to communicate more than average. It’s important that I move forward. There must be a plan, and I must take full responsibility for all the actions that would cause that plan to come to fruition.

What steps can I take?
Excel at my job; demonstrate excellence; go above and beyond at the work place.
Visit Berkeley campus regularly; establish a sense of place there, root my desires, my dreams.
Visit the admissions department; meet the admissions team; learn about what I can do to get in.
Study for the GMAT; study regularly, with intensity and focus; take a practice test once a week, the full 3-4 hours, every Saturday morning, without exception.

I need to explore the fields of consulting and private equity. I’m split between these two fields. McKinsey. Boston Consulting Group. Accenture. Deloitte. PWC. I’m not even sure what private equity fund I’d apply to, which is prestigious, which one focuses in the field I’m interested in.

Whatever field I decide to enter into, I’d like it to relate to automation. Doesn’t matter if its business automation, or industrial automation, or any type of applied computer automation. Automation in general. Sales processes.

What industries, what businesses, what companies can automate? Automation is for mass production, for repetitive value-add processes. Artificial intelligence, data collection.

Private equity. Identifying niche companies and acquiring, merging, consolidating. Buying companies and reorganizing resources, restructuring organization, management, finances, goods, redirecting market strategy.

I don’t want to stay in sales forever. It was a means, but it is not an end.

I want to lose weight. I’m probably 207lbs, but rather being 7-10% bf, I’ve lost muscle, and accumulated fat. I’m more like 15-17%. I’d like to be thin again. Get may waist down to a 31-32, rather than a 33-34.

I will run more. Daily disciplines. Struggle. Just decide on a time, and a duration, and do it. Its routine. Make it routine. Accept the pain and discomfort as apart of the process and growth.

My niece is six months old. She’s so precious. It makes me think of having a family. One day.

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