Septem Sales

September is derived from the word septem which means “seven” in latin, referring to the seventh month in the roman year.

I’m doing well. It’s been about 8 months since I took any exogenous hormones, and my body is stabilizing, along with my mood, I think.

I’m beginning to ‘really’ enjoy my job. It presents me with an excellent opportunity to grow a business, and myself, with limited pressure, and virtually zero micromanagement.

I’m finally figuring out my rhythm. There is a method to the daily and weekly routine that’s slowly taking shape. However, I need to be more disciplined in my daily and weekly habits.

My current ideal routine looks something like this:

  • Evaluate current Opportunity Pipeline:
    • Application details (Customer needs/ problem)
      • What is their immediate need/application?
        • What are we solving for?
          • Resources
          • Time
          • Flexibility/ Opportunity Cost
      • What is the solution with our technology?
        • Outline of solution
        • Bill of Materials
        • Third party components
    • Identify closing percentage and perceived commitment
      • Chances it will close?
        • What’s stopping customer from purchasing?
          • Cost/Value?
          • Competition?
          • Lead time?
          • Budgetary?
          • Decision maker?
      • When will it close/ PO?
      • When will it ship?
    • What are next steps?
  • Revisit current strategy bi-weekly (Monday)
    • Identify Industry
      • Biotech
      • Semiconductor
      • Robotics
      • Packaging
    • Applications
      • Assembly unique value propositions/ technology solutions
      • What are common applications or unique customer needs?
      • What value proposition do I have?
    • Accounts
      • Potential opportunity based on products or processes
      • Size of business
      • History of business
    • Contacts
      • Identify key contacts that would utilize technology for these applications
  • Prospect for leads, assemble target list:
    • Inquire with distributors
      • Call and discuss best accounts and contacts for strategy
      • Collect Account and Contact information
      • Email channel partners information on strategy
    • Search Salesforce CRM for target accounts
      • Run reports
    • LinkedIn prospecting
      • Search for company, contacts, job title, key words, i.e. lab automation or wafer handling
      • Enter company and contact information
  • Schedule Sales Calls
    • Call customer target list
      • If no answer, leave voicemail
      • Email every customer with follow up message
    • If I connect with customer on the phone
      • Introduce myself
        • Who I am
        • Why am I calling
        • Collect information about who they are, what they do, current needs
        • Find common ground
      • Schedule sales meeting for demonstration/presentation (2-3 meetings a day, T,W,Th)
  • Sales Meetings
    • Brief introduction: utilize collateral, pictures and images that tell a story
      • Who I am
      • My company
      • What we do
    • Establish Common Ground
      • Ask questions/ Collect information
      • Who are you?
      • What do you do?
      • What are your biggest challenges?
      • Why? Cost, time, etc?
      • How pressing?
      • Do you use x,y,z, technology, processes, etc?
    • Identify Sales Strategy
      • Value based selling
        • SPIN selling: understand situation, define the problem, clarify short/long term implications of problem, quantify payoff
        • Reinforce reasons why offer proposition is valuable
      • Value comparison
        • Education based selling; make customer more informed
        • Training on industry trends, new technology, solutions to applications
    • Demonstrate Technology or solutions with products or presentations
    • Negotiation
      • Framing the proposal
      • Benefits of proposal
      • Next best alternative
      • Barriers to purchase
      • Trade-offs or concessions to reach agreement
  • Quotation and Call/ Email Follow-up
  • Daily CRM Data Entry
    • Log Call Information
    • Log Opportunities
  • Revisit current strategy bi-weekly (Friday)

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