What is writing class?

Writing class is a psychotherapeutic exercise of learning to understand the importance of honesty, and embracing vulnerability, and mining into the unconscious, and capturing the particular experiences comprising our lives that shape our conscious experience, and transposing them to paper. As Joyce said “in the particular lies the universal”

Threading the needle of order and chaos, learning to tap that spiritual vein and let it bleed onto paper, mold and shape it into something alive .

It’s an exercise of the dao, the line that demarcates order and chaos, light and dark, and maintaining the balance of both that ultimately leads to coherence and harmony that all of life strives towards .

Writing is a therapeutic exercise, of excising the experiential truths we’ve learned to suppress, the internal voice we were taught to quiet.

It’s learning to listen to that voice, to value that voice, and really learning to tame the defenses that artificially guard our sense of self, but in reality keeps it small and stifled. That’s what writing class seems to be all about.

Poetry, short story, words, thoughts… it’s rediscovering play.
There are no rules regarding the veracity of your experience, and how you capture and articulate it. It is yours.

Learn to honor the expression of the spirit within you through the medium of language

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