What intimidates you most about what you want to write?

That the truths I want to capture, which I believe thread all of humanity together, cannot be adequately captured and conveyed in an appreciable way.

My desire is to take these transcendental, universal truths, what Joyce meant when he said “in the particular is contained the universal”, and weave a grand narrative that speaks to each and every human being, regardless of race or color or age, and brings humanity into agreement.

What intimidates me is that I want to communicate truths that are universally accessible, but I feel eternally constrained by my language, by the language I’ve acquired through the limited set of circumstances that not everyone may relate to.

The epic-ness that I envision for this narrative is daunting. I’m sure every writer feels this way, to ensure that the sheer power of written word produces a revelation in the reader.

But who am I to take up this task?

Nevertheless, I feel that if I do not devote myself to this endeavor, my life will count for nothing.

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