I remember the 90’s

I remember when Kurt killed himself. My neighbors middle school brother was crying. He was such a bully. But he was crying. It was like, weird as hell. I remember asking him why he was crying and he told me nirvana lead singer killed himself. I didn’t really have any clue what that meant at like 8 years old, but I do know that a couple years later I learned about how incredible his music was and became obsessed. Along with like nine inch nails and the offspring and sublime and Green Day and sound garden and smashing pumpkins and bands like that. I remember Michael Jordan and the bulls, and all my elementary classmates being obsessed, wearing jerseys of Rodman and Jordan and pippen etc. I remember riding BMX bikes and skateboards. Riding all over god’s green earth. No cell phones. Just roaming. And carrying folded up pieces of paper containing everyone’s number. And trying to pinpoint where people were. I remember Nickelodeon and rockos modern life and Doug and ren and stumpy and mtv music and whiffle ball in the yard and gack and crossfire and gi joes and ninja turtles and legos and kinex and LA lights shoes and slingshots and catching frogs and snakes and insects and fireflies and playing tag or kick the can or other games like jailbreak with the neighborhood kids. I remember collecting cool pencils for class and having a cool pencil case, and cool folders for school. I remember loving guns, and anything that shot, or resembled shooting, like nerf guns. I also loved remote control cars that had like 10-15 min battery life. which sucked but I asked for one at like every birthday because they were cool. I remember playing baseball and catch with friend. Leather baseball mits. I remember collecting comic books and reading them with friends. And Pogs. And yo-yo’s. And collecting coins from the rare coin shop. Spending money made from mowing neighbors grass on magic the gathering cards, or model kits for model airplanes and tanks from the hobby shop. And putting together model rockets, and going to kindle field to fire them off, and losing them. I remember going to the swim club and spending like 12 hours a day there every day in the summer. I remember Pokémon and power rangers, but also being too cool for them. I remember legends of the hidden temple and salute your shorts. I remember the simpsons being like crack, and parents thinking it was so anti god.

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