Capturing the Universe

The thing about this lighthouse picture, is that it’s real. This photograph is a single unadulterated perspective. Perspective as in, the gaze of the lens.

We perceive through a tiny sliver of perceiving senses.

The photographer was able to capture detail that would otherwise be imperceptible to our fleshy eyeball by taking multiple exposures, thereby accentuating the faint background light from the universe that our eyes are not attuned to see.

The portrait is real.

He layered these exposures together, of the same portrait, to produce depth in perceivable light.

Our eyes and a single picture from a cameras image sensor can’t capture the range of intensities simultaneously.

It’s like depth of field, but for light intensity

And sure, he likely blended the exposures together to make them appear seamless

But the structure of the photo is not manipulated, is what I’m saying.

The beauty is that the universe exists in that form, beyond the horizon of earth, all the time.

It’s so faint that our eyes cannot perceive its light. But it’s there. The entire universe, and it’s trillions and trillions of stars, are in the sky all the time, shining on this earth.

Astrophotography is incredible. It’s a form of astrophysics research, in my opinion.

Using optics and imaging sensors to collect energy vibration data from our universe

Revealing the physical structure of the universe, of nature

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