How do I spend my weekends?

These days?

Work and read and write, tbh. A few hobbies, electronics recently. Hang out with G. And some errands.

Occasionally go on a weekend trip. Explore California nature. A road trip. Visit a city.

My life as an adult is very different than I imagined it.

I don’t socialize much. Not regularly anyway. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy more socialization. But I don’t know many people out here. And I’m picky. I could have more friends, but I’m not sure I’d enjoy my life any more. I prefer a certain kind of person, spending time doing certain kinds of things. I like new experiences. Exploring. Adventuring. Learning. I traveled quite a bit in my 20’s, so I’m not as itching to randomly fly somewhere or do crazy things.

At this point in my life, I’m focused on my personal and professional development. There are professional challenges that consume me. I think of the time and energy spent as investments in my future. Late nights and weekends working and learning about how to be better at my job and profession will pay dividends while my colleagues or peers just do the day to day minimum.

You could characterize my free time as an obsession with accumulating knowledge and understanding. About the world or myself or my profession or industry or whatever.

I am doing whatever possible not to be ignorant, to possess as much insight as possible, and produce results.

It’s all about results. I have goals, and I want to accomplish them.

Nothing else seems to matter.

My family lives 3,000 miles away. I mostly feel disconnected from them. They’re good people, but different. And the distance is hard.

I have girlfriend who is a good companion.

Other than that, what do I have?

I’ve have hobbies and what not. But that’s just a supplemental learning activity, and break from other obsessions.

I’d like to incorporate working out again, but more cardio focus. I have a fear it’ll become an obsession. So it’s been slow to develop that relationship with exercise again. Probably irrational. But maybe rational.

What do I do with weekends?

Work and read and write and some hobbies and cook food with G. I’ll go see her perform now that the ballet season started.

I don’t do much. A lot of time alone.

Sometimes I wish I had more companionship. More friends. But then, like I said, I’m picky. And I actually enjoy my solitude. I enjoy my personal time.

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