Goals for Next Year

2019 Goals 

  • Save $10k 
  • Pay off all credit cards.
  • Grow my Target companies by 50% in 2019. 
  • Be #1 in my sales organization in revenue and growth 
  • Be a leader: know the way, go the way, show the way. Lift everyone up. Be helpful. 
  • Never criticize, condemn, or complain
  • Take responsibility for everything— except success. That is a gift.
  • Develop strong relationships with Channel Partners
  • Develop relationship with FAE
  • Focus on adding value to all my relationships: find ways to give, never take. 
  • A+ in Calculus with Physics. Never miss an assignment. Go to office hours. Master physics and mathematics. Become an expert. Become an engineer. Practice. Practice. I am a genius. 
  • Learn Python for Data Science/Analysis
  • Continue learning MicroStrategy 
  • Get in shape. Get a 6 pack. Eat healthy. Feel great. Stay focused. 
  • Plan ahead— Daily. Weekly. Quarterly. Monthly. Desired Results. Action goals. 
  • Learn electronics and electrical engineering with Drone Hobby 
  • Learn how to make a internet of things energy/activity monitoring module.
  • Read 1 hour a day (book a week)
  • Write/journal/diagram out my thoughts and plans before execution. Flesh everything out. Develop systems. Processes.
  • Experiment. With everything.
  • Finish my book damnit. Make it beautiful and fun and compelling and finish it. 

2019 Goals Revised

  • Personal
  • Leisure read 1 hr/day
  • Exercise 6 hr/week
  • Meal prep 4x per week/ Eliminate simple carbs
  • Learn Python/Finish CodeAcademy Course
  • Develop expertise in data science/stats/algorithms
  • Complete two electronics projects (due 6/19 and 12/19)
  • A+ in college classes 
  • Complete 7 day volunteer trip
  • Professional
  • Grow Target Accounts by 50% in 2019
  • #1 Sales Growth in Org for 2019
  • Develop FAE role— track/measure activity impact on sales
  • Develop and implement optimized regional sales processes
  • Relationships
  • Make 6 trips to visit friends
  • Do not rush into a relationship

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