What is the goal of business?

Everything is reducible to ROI. Getting the best return on investment in as little time as possible. Investment = capital and/or labor

Work / time = value

Creating your workflow process.

Identifying constraints/bottlenecks.

Ensuring there is optimal flow= reducing time

Basically streamlining algorithms

i.e. A series of functions.

A function is an algorithmic process: inputs to create outputs.

Every individual/machine/technology is assigned/responsible for a function.

An organization is only as strong or successful or profitable as its weakest performing function, I.e. bottlenecks.

You increase the power of a function through capital investment:

Human capital/more skilled labor

Better machines

Better Management practices

But the goal is always:


This is dependent on time scales.

The key is long term ROI.

The ability to generate ROI is a function of value.

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