Let them eat cake: food corruption

Oatly gets a $200 million investment from a Blackstone-led group, including Oprah and other celebs, that values the oat-milk company at $2 billion.

Humans are insanely dumb.

The biggest scandal the past 100 years is the vegetarian diet.

Apologies if your on board. I mean no offense. But the truth is, it’s all corporate food propaganda.

Eat more veggies = eat more shit food that corporations can patent and trademark and boost profits on.

I’m convinced there’s serious or probate food propaganda driving these insanely unhealthy diet trends. Carbs are cheap as hell. In antiquity, it’s what empires have their citizens. Rations of grain.

A capitalist says:

Oat milk, brilliant! One part oats, four parts water, some serious branding and soulless celebrity endorsement… and boom! A billion dollar company!

Veggie burgers? Brilliant! Let’s name it something EPIC!

BEYOND Meat! Totally far out!

IMPOSSIBLE burger! Gnarly!

And have it taste like meat! 100% soy, or peas, or corn starch, and beans, or whatever is cheap is hell it make.

Billions in funding cha-Ching!

I am pro raw. I think veggies are great. And meats. Basically if it’s raw, if it’s recently dead, if it resembles the organism it was when it was alive? That’s healthy!

I know I know. Eating Meat is terribly cruel. The way farm factories product meat, I agree. But it can be done humanely and sustainably. More humanely than being shredded and eaten alive by a pack of wolves or mountain lions.

But eating meat destroys the environment… nope!

If it’s done sustainably, it’s great for the environment! Hell, there were 30-60 million Buffalo roaming the Midwest a few hundred years ago!

There are currently 90 million cows in the USA. Not too far off, considering it was entirely natural, and contributed to a rich grasslands/plains ecosystems.

Meat is hella healthy. It’s the most nutrient dense food.

But the margins are shit for capitalists, and you can’t really sell it to low income people.

Sustainably raised greens and veggies and fruits are an awesome way to supplement the diet.

But man can’t live on bread/starch alone.
I’m not convinced. Controversial, I know.

The food industry and Farming is the most corrupt industry in America We pay farmers to produce shit. Subsidies galore! We have excess land that can be revitalized with the reintroduction of grazing animals. There’s so much land to graze!

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