Was abiding by covid guidelines pretty seriously. Literally left the house maybe a dozen times from
end of February until June 26.

Went to Nashville June 26-July 1. All was well.

Friday, July 3 I drive to Seacrest/Rosemary Beach for a family vacation.

Vacation is good.

Dad said he wasn’t feelin so hot on Sunday. Parents said they weren’t feelin good by Tuesday or Wednesday. Then my sisters and the whole house.

I was fine. I had my own room.

On Friday July 10th my Dad got an email saying all the CrossFit coaches rested positive.

So my mom and dad and sister went to get tested.

I got on a plane Saturday morning. By the time I got home I felt off. Just spacey.

Sunday I woke up feeling ill. Diarrhea. Kinda went away. But i was FUCKIN TIRED. Slight headache. Slight ball in my chests. Slight like “cof” but like nothing serious. I was worried cause i had random bouts of asthma. Typically triggered by allergens, but it still made me nervous. But it wasn’t a big thing.

Monday morning woke up and I was like, there’s no way I can move. I can’t work. So I called work and told them I think I got covid but I’m getting tested. Got a test Monday afternoon.

Monday night was hell on earth. Aches. Pains. Chills. I was sweating through everything. Shaking uncontrollably. It hurt to move. I just didn’t move.

I woke up Tuesday feeling shitty but better. During the day I just laid there. Did not move. Could not move. No energy. EXTREME FATIGUE.

Like, gravity and pressure have increased 10x.

I was worthless. I moved twice all day. Just convalescing.

Tuesday night…. hell on earth again. Blood shot eyes. Sweating like a crazy person. Everything was drenched. My hair was soaked, and my tee shirt was literally dripping. Blankets sopping.

I had to be wrapped in like 3 blankets. If i wasn’t, it was the worse feeling in the world. I felt like I was gonna die of madness/discomfort. And I was shaking like i had Parkinson’s.

The other thing to note, is I have had persistent abdominal pains. It’s just like… back aches, but inside my abdomen. It’s made me not want to eat, so i haven’t. It’s weird cause I don’t have a stomach ache, just pain in my insides.

The other, MORE crazy thing, is that I’ve been mentally handicapped.

On Sunday things began getting very distant. Like i was in a dream.

I was very confused. My thoughts were confused. Like “what was I just doing?” Or I’d be thinking and then I’d wind up somewhere else and be like when/how/what the hell…. where did I just go?! Very strange.

In fact, I would very close compare it to hallucinating. I felt like i was tripping.

The past week has felt like a dream. I’m still in it. There’s definitely a psychological element to this virus.

It definitely creates some mental side effects, which i had zero clue would be a thing.

It kinda made the pain more bearable, cause I’d close my eyes and I’d be in these other worlds.

But it also made me feel useless, cause my thoughts were disconnected and end and start randomly.

Wednesday morning was rough. I slept from like 10am to 8am, woke up, felt like hell, and just slept till like 2pm. I woke up feeling pretty okay, physically

Wednesday night i was preparing for the hell again but it never came, which I was thrilled about.

Thursday morning i woke up feeling rough, but… better?

I slept more and woke up at noon and felt well enough to continue packing up boxes for my move.

Thursday evening it was kinda shitty but okay. Just general aches and fatigue. But otherwise fine.

Today I woke up feeling achy and fatigued, but my energy was returning.

I think it’ll linger for another week. It just seems like a deep infection. I can feel it in my depths.

But I feel the worst is over.

Overall, I would not recommend getting it.

Like, just avoid the experience, if you can. It’s not fun. It’s physically and mentally torture.

But I mean, if you do get it, you’ll be fine. My case was mild. Less than a week of symptoms, about.

It was unpleasant, but you’ll survive.

I can see how old or unhealthy people would die. It just wrecks your willpower. Takes your soul. You are a vegetable for days. Can’t move. Aches. Pains. Diarrhea.

But otherwise not so bad. I’m stoked it was short. 3-4 days of feelin like shit.

Now I’m good. Now I don’t have to worry.

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