A new PC arrived in the mail today. I’m quite excited about it. After college I graduated to a Macbook Pro and since then my personal computing products have been apple. However, all my work devices have been PC, so there’s been this uncanny division in how I work and how programs and information translates between the two devices. My Macbook pro was purchased in 2014 and while it’s mostly great, I used it less and less because I work more and more, and my life is all on PC’s and my work laptop. When I upgraded I decided to do a desktop, because that is where I spend most of my days, in this post covid remote world. If I go anywhere and work, it’s for my job, and I have a laptop for work, so I decided I should just get a desktop PC. i7, 12700k, DDR5 64GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 2TB HDD, RTX3060Ti, Win11, Wifi6, etc. It’s a work horse. At some point I’ll get an XPS 13 or Carbon X1 as a complementary laptop, but for now this will do

I’m most looking forward to journaling. I don’t do anything personal on my work PC. Nothing at all. And my Macbook has been just too… old, cluttered. etc. So I need to download/upload my critical documents and files and pictures from my Mac to this workstation PC.

And the thing is, I actually like Apple products. I just… like productivity more in Windows. I love Word and Excel and PPT. It’s my professional world, and I feel that Mac OS or equivalent apps don’t do it well.

I was entertaining getting a Mac Mini M2 for Christina and the home, but I will wait on that.

In the meantime, I want to start journaling daily again. I need to visualize my goals. I need to make my destiny concrete by thinking it through and writing it down and visualizing it.

I have a very important client meeting on Monday. You could argue any meetings with the client are important, but some are pivotal. I will need to do a lot of preparation before 9am Monday. My hope is we can close a $10-15M deal. 25-35 consultants.

Its with the Vendor Management office. My goal is to build rapport. Build the relationship. I have been visualizing non stop. Every moment of the meeting. Every question she could possibly ask. It’s all running through my mind. I’m also in parallel ordering and organizing my responses and answers. I need to structure everything that I will want to say to the client. I will have a script for everything, or just about. I will make sure nothing is lost, and I will rehearse it until it becomes natural and fluent.

I need to make $5M a year. It’s the only way. I need to ask myself what sales jobs or positions or companies can afford to pay me this.

My goal is to become the best sales person. I want to be a rain maker. I want to be able to set out to get it done and do it. People hire me to make deals, huge deals, no matter the complexity and size and scope. They know I can handle pulling it all together, and will pay me humongous sums of money. I need to master sales. Sales mastery. Its more than the classical sales. It’s client development. Client intelligence. Networking. Making associations. Socializing ideas. building knowledge capital about the client that I can use internal to the client to get things done.

I want to build executive rapport. I want to be a trusted advisor. When people meet me, then know I’m dangerously good, and they want to use me. Not because what I know, but because they know I get shit done and make it happen. They can depend on me to execute things with the very best excellence. They know that if I’m apart of the situation, it will be taken care of, that I will deliver and produce or fix and turnaround and make it right.

I want to be #1. I want to bleed and sweat until that happens. I want to take huge risks, risk being poor and failing, in order to learn.

That being said, I lost $125k last year by switching jobs. I believe my current role will pay me much more and that the ceiling is much higher, but it will be 100% up to me to make that reality happen. I must earn it. But its limitless so long as I learn how to leverage my team. I must maintain a high standard of excellence. I must expect the most from those around me. If I close this $10M deal, that should be $1.7M in my pocket. That’s what I am expecting.

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