The Secret Mountain Laboratory, draft

There is a place, nestled amongst the neighborhood homes, where a laboratory exists. A lone genius labors in this secret place, hiding in plain sight. He works feverishly, night and day. Working. Thinking. Creating. What is he doing? You ask. Who is he? These are the questions we will answer in my story.

Long ago there was a boy. He grew up in a large family, of many brothers and sisters. He was poor, and life was hard. He was misunderstood. Everyone around him was busy with their life, and never paid much attention to the boy. The boy was awkward and quirky, so his classmates often used him for jokes. The boy would often retreat inward, escaping to his thoughts, and dream. One day this boy, alone with his thoughts, discovered something magical. This magic transformed the boy, and gave him access to a world that he explored endlessly. Unfortunately, no one else could see this world. It was there, in plain sight. But, no one seemed to notice. But the boy noticed. Within this world there was magic, and joy, and endless friends. He tried to show this world to others, especially his classmates. He would show these objects to them, but all they saw was an awkward boy, fumbling over his worlds and stumbling over his feet. “You’re such a Klutz!” They would say. Undeterred, he insisted showing them this world.

He named this place, this world of magic, “Inside out world”. Much of the ability to harness the magic and access the world was learning to see things inside out.

He discovered that certain objects possessed the magic to turn things inside out, and that through these objects, this world was revealed, and a portal was opened to allow the outside in. Ever since that day, the boy was committed to showing this world to others, to finding these objects or creating these objects of magic. For these were the portals to the world. These contained the magic. He devoted his life to the task. It was there, in plain sight. He just needed to find ways to open their eyes! There was books that eluded to this magic, but not everyone understood it.

The boy began reading all the books in the world, combing through libraries, looking for magic and portals, searching high and low for objects that revealed this world.

The boy never stopped trying to show others the world.

One day he realized that he didn’t need to bring others to this world. He could bring this world to them!

From that day on he was committed to pulling the magic out of the world and into the human world. There were not many others who could help with this task, so he took it upon himself.

He wasn’t the best in school, but because of his search for magic, he ended up reading a lot of books. When it was time for college, he ended up gaining entrance into a prestigious university, far away. It was full of very smart people. “I will surely find people who know this world!” he reasoned to himself.

He was partially right. He found people, and a few people who believed in the magic he was looking to bring to this world. But to them, he was still a Klutz. They liked his enthusiasm though, and they wanted to believe. “We will help you!” they said. But they never believed. But they wanted to.

No matter, he labored on, seeking and discovering and creating objects of magic. He wanted to show this world to more people, so he attached instructions with each object. These instructions were much like secret instructions, like sacred text to bring the object to life. He sent these objects and their instructions to the corners of the earth, hoping to show others this magic. And he did. He developed a reputation as he inspired many others to find this magic and explore this world.

Upon this investigations, the boy discovered that nature possessed most of this magic. There were endless objects containing it. So every chance he could he explored nature, looking under rocks, in trees, in streams, in search of the magic. He would take expeditions through the wilderness and teach others along the way about the magic he found.

Upon one of his expeditions he met a girl. To his astonishment she new of the world, but she found another way to access it: through song. Her melodies would conjure the world into being. This captured the boys heart, and from that day forward they would be together forever. In time they would have two boys, and they would pass their magic onto them.

As time passed, they grew up, and became grownups. The others that once supported his discoveries waned, and they abandoned him. And he was left alone, once again.

Like many times before, he retreated inward, to his thoughts. He needed to find others to help him. It was not enough to have others to support him. He needed others who also knew this world.

One evening he was alone, exploring the world he was so eager to share, when he had a realization: I must build the world myself. He was told “If you build it, the magic will come.”

And so he set out to create a laboratory in the mountains, a secret mountain laboratory. But this mountain was hidden in plain sight, just like his magic world, nestled between homes in an unassuming neighborhood.

In this laboratory he filed it with his magic objects and set to create more magic. He filled his lab with the most magical devices and instruments of science. His mission was to bring this magical world to you.

As this man aged, so too did his reputation, and soon he was referred to as the Professor.

As mentioned, the lone genius, now a man, had two sons. His oldest son grew up and eventually set out into the world to write instructions for harnessing this magic. The youngest son, named Peter, struggled in school, like his father. He had tried school, but growing up in the inside out world meant he had trouble seeing things like everyone else. Discouraged, he set out to make sense of this, traveling to the mountains of north country, where nature was lush, and other inside out thinkers gathered to figure out the magic.

While there he met another boy named Henry who, like him, struggled to fit into the grown up world. But this boy was determined to figure it out why. Henry had read many the professor’s books, so he knew of the magic, but he didn’t understand it. He tasted the joy, but he was thought that world was inaccessible to him. Peter and Henry had many mental duals, and they taught each other a great many things. Soon Henry learned the power of the inside out world. And Peter saw that even though he saw things differently, that he could blend in, just like Henry. But Henry was determined to find magic in the world, in the ivory towers where grownups lived, and they soon parted ways best of friends.

Henry managed to secure a position at a prestigious ivory tower himself, in the middle of the darkest part of the land, in a city of music. Surely there was some magic to be found here, this lone beacon. While there he befriended two fellows also in search of this magic, William and Frederich. William eventually moved to the great bay where Peter had lived, and Henry introduced the two, and they became close friends.

Peter did the same, in the north west reaches of the land, where mountains and plains extended endlessly into the wilderness.

Years later, after Henry had scoured the earth for the magic in the grown up world, he became discouraged. He learned to fit in and amassed wealth and fortunes, but the magic was missing. It just wasn’t enough there. The inside out world was weak in the grown up world. Meanwhile, Peter had joined his father at the laboratory and took it upon himself to continue the work and create the greatest technological advancement for generating this magic and opening a portal to bring the inside out world to all.

So together they toiled away, creating magic for the world, and sending this magic to its corners. William had joined the fray as well.

Henry quit his job and visited his friend Peter. He wanted to see the laboratory, and see if it was producing the magic that he was missing.

To his amazement, it was! Each night they explored these worlds together and brought back magic with them. The professor labored away, guiding the boys like a Sage. They listened and learned the magic themselves, and learned to explore this world and imbue their own objects with its power.

Henry soon learned a formula for bringing this magic to everyone, and the story continues.

This is a story of a lone genius who has discovered a magical world hidden in plain sight. He is able to bring this magic to the grown up world through objects, or toys.

The first part of his life he labored alone to create magical objects with instructions how to operate them and access the inside out world. To process a portal to access that world.

The second part of his life he created a laboratory and a team for bringing the inside out world to everyone.

He has a laboratory and he conducts experiments to find this magic and imbue objects with it, utilizing the most advance science and technology available.

The inside out world is on the other side of reality. It exists, and is accessible any moment.

His laboratory he creates objects he sends into the world that show the magic to others. Children see this magic best, but there are adults who can also see.

It’s about seeing things differently, seeing things backwards, upside down. Professor has dyslexia, which is why he sees this world so easily. It’s a genetic trait like ADHD that gives certain people the ability to see this world, and access it.

The Inside Out World is like Disney’s Magic Kingdom, The Matrix, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Middle Earth, it is heaven. The magic is there. In plain sight.

His laboratory produces things like the fox tail, gecko blocks, the buffer ball, Pixit pouches, and other magic. There is a story behind every discovery. They bring this world alive more and more every day.

Along the way that make friends, find friends, encounter obstacles, and cross enemies.

Some of the friends they make, such as the Poplings, manage to squeeze through the inside out world into the grownup world. They are inquisitive creatures with big personalities full of joy and wonder. They are just as fascinated by our world as we are theirs. And they are constantly getting into trouble, because they don’t understand the grownup world.

The enemies are the ones who wish to keep this world hidden and closed off from all. They will stop as nothing to smash the portals and take away the magic. They thrive in darkness, rather than color. They are cold and imposing and stubborn, never moving or compromising. They are monsters of a different sort, disguised as the things we love. They take on many appearances, but in the end, they don’t have love and they want things closed off forever.

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